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"I was always a creative kid - always drawing, painting, dancing, and making up stories. But I had no idea that creativity and expression would become the lifeblood of my work. I love it!"

Danielle got her start as an artist early, taking drawing and painting classes at age 6 and ballet and flute at age 7. From there she continued to dabble in various creative pursuits through high school: guitar, piano, jazz dance, hip hop, concert band, show choir, writing, illustration, theater. Simultaneously fascinated with the human condition and psyche, she ultimately decided to study psychology in college, but her creative spirit remained very much alive, driving her to sing in her university's concert choir on the side (which brought her just as much joy as her core classes).

When she realized just before graduation that becoming a psychologist wasn't for her, she decided to return home, regroup, and take some prerequisite courses to apply to nursing school. However, the arts sang their siren song once again, pulling her to instead pursue a second bachelor's degree in vocal performance - even though she'd never sung solo in front of anyone before the age of 23. It was quite the left turn to anyone who knew her! But to Danielle, it felt like coming home.


Danielle enjoyed her music studies immensely, progressed quickly, and gained recognition as a rising star to watch. But when her health began to suffer and affect her singing, she was forced to reconcile her potential with her limitations. Discovering her identity outside of her craft took a lot of time, tears, and deep introspection - All while continuing to struggle with chronic illness and vocal inconsistency.


Still, through it all, it never occurred to Danielle to quit. She earned her master's degree and continued to strive toward her dream. But her dream had now expanded. Her love of acting in theater and opera inspired her to seek other creative ways of using her voice, which led her to train as a voice actor and record for commercials, PSAs, and guided meditations. Her own emotional journey also inspired her to draw from her psychology background and work with other artists facing various creative blocks and hurdles. Danielle continues to enjoy a vibrant and varied career as both a working performer and a creativity coach, and serving as Vice President of the board for non-profit arts organization The FF Collective. She is passionate about raising awareness and support for artists to be able to pursue their craft in healthy and expansive ways that honor their needs and feed their souls.

Image by Florian Wehde

For those among us who refuse to live the unexamined life.


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